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3 Steps to Take Today to Improve your Instagram Profile

1. Update your profile picture! This may sound simple, but your profile picture is the first thing your clients + audience will see. It is important that your profile photo is a clear picture of YOU! The more professional, the better! I offer headshot sessions for photographers as a part of my mentor program, because I think it is THAT important!!

I suggest wearing an outfit that you love and feel comfortable in, plus choosing a photographer who will allow you to feel comfortable and like your genuine self!

2. Add Emoji's to your profile! Seems random, right?! Click on 25 different profiles today on Instagram. How do you feel about profiles without emojis? BLAND! Emojis catch the eye and attract your audience! There are SO many emoji options, find a way to incorporate at least 1 into your profile! BONUS if it isn't a heart or the camera emoji!!

3. Make your name search friendly!! Some people love to type their names with extra spaces because it's totalllllly cute! C A R Y S is adorable, but it isn't search friendly! As you can see above, my "name" is Utah Wedding Photographer, because when people search this, my profile will come up! I can replace my name because my name is in my username, my bio, AND my website!

Improving your profile is CRITICAL to the success of your social media platforms! Besides your content, this is the first thing that your potential audience members will see! CONNECTING with your audience is what allows you to build, and the quicker you connect, the quicker you can break into the market!

YOU GOT THIS!! Maximize the FREE marketing resource that is right in front of you. Your audience spends hours every week viewing content, you just need to get yours in front of them!

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