Chloe + Jordan: A Logan Temple Wedding

Updated: Jun 7

View Chloe + Jordan's Wedding Day Teaser Film:

Chloe and Jordan were the 6th generation in a row in her family to be sealed in the Logan Temple. How special is that? We had to grab a portrait of the 3 couples who had chosen to begin their marriages in the same place, and I knew I had to show you before I dive into the rest of my favorite portraits from their wedding day!

What do you do when the perfect spring wedding you've been planning suddenly has a 100% chance of rain... all day long? You start praying and making backup plans. We were ready to grab 2 priority portraits at the temple in the downpour before heading to the venue to do the rest inside, when just an hour before their scheduled temple exit the rain stopped. They came out the doors with blue skies overhead, and we were able to do almost *every* portrait we had planned on before the rain started up again. Can we say WEDDING MIRACLE?

Just as we got into the car to head to the venue, rain drops started landing on our windshield. When I say miracle, I mean it! Chloe and Jordan started their reception with a brief ring ceremony, then took time to visit with all of their guests. I love it when our couples have time on their wedding days to take a breather and just celebrate being married with the people who matter most to them! They played the newlywed “shoe game,” one of my favorite reception events. The biggest complaint I hear from couples about receptions is that a lot of the guests ask them the same questions (Ex. who made the first move? etc). Playing the game in front of everyone allows people to learn a little more about the couple and their personalities. It’s so fun! We learned that Chloe will NOT be killing spiders or moths in the future. That’s all on Jordan.

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