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Editorial Bridals

Updated: Mar 16, 2021

If you are anything like me, while you're engaged Pinterest becomes your best friend but also worst enemy. #FRENEMY!!!

Engagement photos, bridal photos, bouquets, backdrops, bridesmaid dresses... The list is NEVER ENDING! As I'm typing, I'm realizing that this post isn't helping create a solution (sorry!!!!), but it IS presenting another GREAT option!!

Studio bridals. When I first started my business, I was a STRICTLY NATURAL LIGHT photographer. Studio was a DIRTY word.

Flash forward 4 years. I am managing a studio, and LOVE LOVE LOVE to shoot in a studio.

Good one Universe, good one.

Side note--this happens to me often. I think it is because I'm so stubborn. Maybe? I said for the first 15 YEARS of my life that I was NOT going to get married, and most CERTAINLY NOT before I was 35. Thennnn, I met my husband at 18. Yup. I should really stop making big proclamations!

Anyways, back to the POST!

Studio bridals are my new LOVE! (Still love outdoor bridals, I PROMISE!!) Just a new discovery;)

What do I love about them? The versatility! Some studios are built like homes, some have studio lighting and paper backdrops! Studio bridals give an editorial vibe, and can be much more formal than outdoor bridals, plus you can keep your dress clean!!

Let me know what you think! Outdoor Bridals or Studio Bridals?

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