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Luke + Olivia: Ashton Gardens Bridal Session

We tell all of our couples that something USUALLY goes wrong in the few days leading up to your wedding, but this time, it was ahead of their bridal session. The tailor was late finishing Luke's suit, and they finished just in time for him to RUN over to bridals, but that didn't stop us from capturing amazing photos (and if you didn't know he was stressed, you'd never guess).

If you've followed along for long, you know we love to photograph bridal sessions at Ashton Gardens, especially when the roses are in bloom. Luke and Olivia shared their first look in the rose garden, and the peachy, bright images are some of my all time favorites.

How sweet is that first look? We love when our couples choose to share a first look ahead of their wedding day or ceremony, PURELY for the hug that happens right after. There is NOTHING like that moment-it all sinks in and becomes so real.

Want to see more of these two? View their full wedding day post + film here!

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