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Luke + Olivia: Provo City Center Temple + Alpine Arts Center Wedding

Olivia's brother Riis was one of our 2020 pandemic grooms, so we were thrilled when she reached out a year later to tell us that she and Luke were engaged! I have to preface this post with the fact that this wedding has my ALL-TIME favorite color palette, and the BEST bridal party, so be prepared for a photo overload.

Olivia and Luke met through his Grandma (how precious is that?!), who knew the minute she met Olivia that they would be a great match.

They were sealed in the Provo City Center Temple, on an early June morning. Remember how we love early morning or later afternoon sealing? This is an awesome reminder of why-check out the light in these images!

Want a full recap of Luke + Olivia's wedding day? View their wedding film here!

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