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10 Questions You Need To Ask Your Potential Wedding Photographer

Here’s the deal. We all know that photographers in Utah are a dime a dozen, which can make hiring a qualified photographer seem confusing and frustrating! I’ve put together a list of the 10 things that you should know about your photographer before you even consider paying your deposit. Ready? Here goes!

Q: How long have you been a photographer?

A: I would suggest looking for someone with 2+ years of experience. The more the better! Bonus points if they specialize in weddings!

Q: What gear do you use?

A: This can be pretty technical and confusing, but I would look for a photographer who has a variety of gear, including flash, and who can EXPLAIN it in a way that you understand! If they seem confused, or don’t seem to know what they’re talking about, that is a bad sign!

Q: Are you comfortable using flash?

A: This is a HUGE deal! Most people have receptions that need flash, so make sure your photographer is comfortable working with artificial light!

Q: How will you back up my photos?

A: Your photos should be stored in 2+ places AT LEAST!

Q: What perks do you offer for your brides?

A: Most photographers have incentives for brides, like bridal or style guides. Make sure that you feel like the photographer is offering you VALUE! You don’t want to feel like they just want your check!

Q: What additional fees do you charge?

A: There are a wide variety of additional charges that photographers can have. Clarify what their additional fees are, and if any of them apply!

Q: How do you select what photos I recieve?

A: You should get EVERYphoto that turns out. I don’t care what other photographers do, it is NOT our right to select what moments from your day you get to have photos of. The answer should be EVERYTHING that is in focus, and is flattering.

Q: How would you describe your working style throughout the wedding day?

A: This should feel true to YOU and your wedding day. I believe that there are times your wedding photographer should be invisible, and times they should be front and center!

Q: How many weddings do you shoot per year?

A: The more weddings your photographer has, the less attention they can give to you! I would look for someone who shoots between 10-20. This shows that they are in demand, and that they are focused and have time for each individual bride!

Q: Can I see a sample gallery?

A: YES! Before you even consider a photographer, make sure you LOVE their work!

Those are the basic, need-to-knows. Beyond that, make sure you vibe with their personality! There is nothing worse than having someone there on your wedding day (ALL DAY LONGGGG) who you don’t get along with! Be sure that you feel connected in a positive way, because your photographer will be the first vendor to see you in the morning, and the last one to see you before you leave! Did I miss anything? Leave me a comment if you have more questions I should add!

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